Farmville 2 – very interesting game online

Farmville 2 – Review

Farmville 2 is one of those games which remind me of the good old Age of empire obviously the game play is different but the basic theme is almost the same. In the beginning of the game the player starts off with a bare farm he is also provided with some fixed sum of farm coins to help him start the gamefarmville 2

As the game proceeds the player stands to gain XP( experience points) as and when he perform when he performs some pre specified activities such as cultivating land or buying certain items after gaining certain XP points the level of the player escalate. With the rise in the level of the player rises it unlocks more items like crops and animals which are available in the market and can be bought using farm coins cash and hence permitting you to proceed further

You can earn money pretty much the same we do in real life that is by reaping crops, for which he has to ensure that the land is ploughed, the best seeds are to be chosen with the available resources for planting, you have to ensure that the crop is harvested at the right time . The cycle is basically plant- water-wait and harvest. You need to have adequate to water supply to help you water the land . Once the crops are harvested the goods go to the inventory of the player from where he can later on sell the products. The player can purchase or obtain livestock’s and tress from friends.gameplay

The biggest positive of the game as far as my opinion goes Farmville2 has combined the social networking feature of Facebook in to many aspects of the game play which allows players to contact any of your friends playing; this feature helps you to improve your farm a little faster.

The game also had the feature to use real life money to buy extra cash in the game, but I would not consider it a big feature since all the games today have this feature.


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